Pre-license Education FAQ

What is the education requirement for a salesperson license in Pennsylvania?

  • Licensure candidate musts complete 75 hours of education, consisting of two 30 hour courses taught in accordance with the State Real Estate Commission developed course outlines.

What are the required courses?

  • Real Estate Fundamentals         45 hours          Real Estate Practice          30 hours
  • Courses may be taken in any sequence.  Each course contains separate and distinct content.
  • Course content outlines developed by the state were updated in 1996 and prescribe specific content to be covered in each course.
  • Primary Course Objective: 
    • To present material that will prepare a license candidate for material they will encounter on the Real estate Salesperson License Exam.

Are the courses difficult?

  • Courses are challenging, and are taught as entry-level college courses.

  • Adult learners should be prepared to invest significant time and effort to master the material that will be covered. Students must be prepared to invest time to study, review and work in their textbook and workbook outside of class.  Failure to work independently, outside of class, puts any student at risk of failing the course. 

  • Not every student who enrolls in and begins the coursework is successful in completing the course.

What is required to pass the coursework?

  • Requirements are set forth by the Real Estate Commission

  • Minimum of 80% attendance record for each course.

  • Successfully pass written exams in each course.  Passing score is a minimum of 75% on the exams for each course.  This is the standard required to also pass the Real Estate Salesperson License Exam. Course exams contain similar material to that found on the Real Estate Salesperson License Exam.  Significant study and effort is required to pass the course exams.

  • Active participation in the learning process, including involvement in class discussions, exercises, etc.

Does successful completion of the coursework guarantee that a student will pass the real estate
salesperson license exam?

  • No. Successful completion of the required coursework qualifies a candidate to register for and take the Real Estate Salesperson License Exam.

  • Students who diligently work and study during class are generally better prepared for the state exam.

  • Upon completion of the coursework, students are expected to diligently prepare to take the state license exam, which will involve significant study time prior to sitting for the exam.