Obtaining Your License

Career Growth Real Estate Academy is a real estate education provider approved and licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to offer courses to sales license candidates. 

Courses are offered at regional classroom facilities as well as on-line.  At CGREA, an alternating Fundamentals or Practice course begins every month. CGREA is known for excellence in real estate education and is committed to helping candidates successfully complete the first step in the license process.

Step 1:  Coursework

  • Pennsylvania requires a candidate to complete 75 hours of education in two State mandated courses.
    • Real Estate Fundamentals (30 hrs / 4 weeks) and Real Estate Practice (45 hrs /6 weeks)
    • These 2 courses can be completed in approximately ten weeks (evening classes) satisfy the State’s educational requirement.
    • Evening Classes
      • Classes meet two evenings per week from 6:15 till 10 pm.
    • Daytime Classes
      • A special 75-hour daytime course is offered in March, June, and September in our Greentree facility.
      • Classes meet Monday Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 am till 4:45 pm.
    • Online Courses
      • For students requiring more flexible scheduling, an on-line, independent study program is available.  Visit our website, cgrea.com to access the link to our on-line program.
  • To successfully complete the course and receive a transcript, students must
    • Attend at least 80% of the scheduled class sessions.
    • Score a minimum of 75% on scheduled course exams.
    • Actively participate in the learning process.

Step 2:  The License Exam

            After successfully completing step 1, a candidate is qualified to register and take the license exam. 

  • PSI Examination Services currently administers the license exam 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) at various locations in Western Pennsylvania for a fee of $54. Prior scheduling is required
  • Each license exam consists of two portions.
    • The National Portion
      • Consists of 80 multiple choice items covering a broad range of real estate topics.
      • Minimum passing score is 60 correct responses.
      • Time allotted for completion is two hours.
    • The State Law Portion
      • Consists of 30 multiple choice items covering Pennsylvania License Law and Rules and Regulations as well as other state specific content.
      • Minimum passing score is 23 correct responses.
      • Time allotted for completion is one hour.
  • A candidate must pass both the national and state portion in order be eligible for licensure.
  • If a candidate passes one portion but not the other, they will be required to re-take only the portion that was failed.

Step 3:  The License Application

After passing the license exam, a candidate is qualified to apply for a license by affiliating with an employing broker. 

Documents required to apply include:

  1. A completed application signed by the employing broker.
  2. Copies of transcripts showing successful completion of the coursework.
  3. Copies of pass notices showing successful passing scores of both portions of the exam.
  4. A criminal record check not more than 90 days old.
  5. The appropriate application fee (currently $107.00).